pta experts

James CHEN|Taiwan
Taiwan Plants Fiber Tech
Alliance CO.,LTD 

''There is only one earth, and you cannot buy a second one'.


Researcher of plant fiber composite material (PFP) , with more than 20 years of multi-field technology research experience, James also committed to promoting recycling economy related technology and environmental education.

Yi Ling CHEN|Taiwan
Taiwan Eco-Angel Environment Conservation Association 
Chief Secretary

A multi-ocean marine association worker, do her best to be closed to the sea.

Dennis KUO|Taiwan
Green World Biotech Materials Co., Ltd.

Deputy General Manager

The company's innovative research and development of environmentally friendly materials PlasFree. Received the Taiwan Innovation and R&D Technology Gold Award in 2019. Non-Plastic life makes the world a better place.

Derek LAI|Taiwan
General Manager

Leave the financial elite industry and turn around Into the difficult environmental field. Moving towards a sustainable ecosystem by a new way farming and urban food waste composting.

Max LU|Taiwan
King Of Beard Pâtisserie

17 years experiences on food research and development of the food safety in Taiwan.

Insist on using natural material for food and won some international awards. 


Wilson YUAN|Taiwan
BioLogiQ, Inc. - Strategist
DuPont de Nemours, Inc - consultant

More than 30 years experience in plastics, sustainable development. Committed to promoting three good and one fair environmental protection concept

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