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100% Plants Fiber Polymer(PFP)

Beeswax cup

  • Ingredients: Sugarcane fiber, edible starch, etc. Product characteristics: It has sucrose flavor, does not contain any traditional petrochemical-based plastics and bio-based plastics, plasticizers, non-toxic use recommendations: heat resistance 120 ℃, cold -20 ℃
    Storage time: 5 ~ 7 years, storage at room temperature Decomposition method: Natural decomposition in buried soil, starting from 12 months, burning without release of any toxic substances, trace carbon emissions.

  • 1. The total dissolution rate of the EU SGS has passed the test, does not contain any chemical additives, is natural and non-toxic, and meets food-grade standards
    2. Plastic center does not contain 5P certification
    3. EU food testing passed
    4. The US FDA passed the test
    5. Dishwasher test passed
    6. Passed the test without cyanamide and formaldehyde

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